Tuesday, October 12, 2010



                           Ananirathy is located about 37 Kms from Neyyar dam 
,a forest area of both Kerala &Tamil Nadu .Reaching ananirathi forest office  is not so difficult,even Bikes can be used for the purpose but the road condition is not so good.
                               Forest area of kerala and Tamil nadu is demarcated with Jandas (stone structure  )and the forest building is protected from elephants  with strong electric fencing and trunches. This place is very famous for wild animals especially wild elephants .we were fortunate enough to see a group of elephants below the rock we sat inside the dense forest,which was a risky sight.
                                      First of our  route was to Kallippara which was about 8 KMs  ( to and fro walk) through steep rocks .Most of the time we saw elephent dung throughout our journey .According to our guide there is another rock nearby which carries hundreds of  species of ( kalli ) cactus plants bearing  flowers. the way to that rock was most difficut at that time and we planned it for another time.
                                      After noon session we started to klamala which is inside theTamil nadu bird santury. Journey to Klamala is about 10 kms (to and  fro)through dense forest with wild animals and Leach .My legs were completely attacked by leach and was bleeding throughout .Way to Klamala has been fully blocked by throney bushes and we were forced to make our own path .
                                       An interesting thing I found inside the forest was a huge boulder covered by trees and creepers which made the rock appears like  a huge tree. At the base of the rock there is a worshiping place  of tribes and their festivals are celebrated once in every year.

                                             When we reached the top of Klamala our group splitted into two.One group went to the top of another rock we waited at the top of Klamala.Suddenly one elephant appeared at the base of the rock at some distance followed by another four .every one was silent for some time waiting for our fellow members to come back and quit the forest as the time running fast by evening.   
         - photos posted-

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In front of forest buildings 
Elephant fencing (electric) and Jandas (structure built in stone which demarcate the forest  boundaries) can be seen.

View in front of forest quarters Ananirathy
One  variety  of Cactus flower in the top of kallippara