Thursday, July 5, 2012



KUMARAKOM-- is located 16 Kms away from Kottayam town  in Vembanad lake. Kumarakom Bird sanctury is famous for Large veriety of migratory birds. The bird sanctuary here  spreads across 15 acres of area.
Almost fifty members of my  family including children went to visit Kumarakom last month. A large five bedroom house boat was ready to take us through the back waters. 
A tour in the house boat will really take you to the height of enjoyment . It was an unforgettable experience in our life.
 The modern type House boats have all the comforts like that of a star  Hotel, well-furnished bedrooms,  hygienic toilets,  very  nice  living rooms, dining area, attractive kitchen and in most of the boats there will be a balcony for very good sight seeing. 

As usual some photos of our trip-- 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boat -inside view

Boat -Front View 

Mr Unni- Propelling the boat

Kallum Kappayum