Saturday, April 7, 2012


 Two weeks back I went to visit one of my friends who has been promoted and  transfered to Palakkad from Trivandrum. I reached his room on sunday afternoon and in the evening we went to malampuzha dam.Since it was Sunday there was crowed in the garden. Beautiful garden,more beautiful in the lights .Rope way and fountains are attractive there is also a hanging bridge across the river.
there is a huge cement sculpture of YAKSHI constructed by the world famous Kanayi kunhiraman. sight of the dam in newly  introduced  LED  lights  looks attractive. we spent there till 7 in the evening went to our room in a KSRTC bus.

The next day morning I took a KSRTC ( government transport bus) bus and went to NELLIYAMPATHY. Bus started 6.30 am and reached nelliyampathy by 10.00 am. It is a very small town but i came to know that there is some thing to see inside the village, if you have a vehicle or hire a jeep. since I was alone I dropped that Idea .But the way to nelliyampathi was an excellent journey through dense forest for more than twenty kms. Even though camera was in my hand i was not able take any photo on my way .               

Malampuzha Dam-- is a mini hydoro-electric project built across Malampuzha river (a tributary of Bharathapuzha) in Palakkad, Kerala state . It is also the biggest irrigation project in Kerala with a large network of canal systems. It is also one of Kerala's major tourist spots.

The dam across Malampuzha river has a total length of 2,069 metres. Of this, masonry dam has a length of 1,849 metres while the earthen dam covers the length of 220 metres. The catchment area of the dam is 147.63 km². Its storage capacity is 236.69 cubic metres. The full reservoir level of the dam is 115.06 m (375.15 ft ).

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