Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kollur   Mookambika Temple - Kudajadri & Murdeswar
                         Journey to Mookambika Devi temple was only planned four days before the trip.We started from Trivandrum at 5 Am in the morning in my sisters Wagon R Car without knowing any seriousness of the trip,calculating that we can reach Kollur by late in the night.But the present day Kerala road traffic condition only allowed us to reach Kasargod by 10 in the Night..We took our supper from a Restaurant  at Kasargod and started  searching  for  a hotel convenient for our family stay. Most of the hotels were full at that time since there was a conference of  a political party the very next day.At last due to gods grace we got two rooms in a decent hotel by 11.30 night.

                         The next day at 5 Am we started to Kollur. By 10 am we reached there, rooms were booked early In a hotel and the famous and respected Nrasimha Adigas family was there offering so much help to  us .By the after Noon we hired a Jeep only for five of us and started to kudajadri . Very hard journey for the last 11 kms ( total 37 kms) even in four wheel drive jeep.By 7 in the night we returned to kollur. 

                         .The next day morning we started to Murdeswar the famous Shiva temple by the sea side. It was a stunning experience,the sight of 38 feet shiva statue took us to another world of Ecstasy.The Gopura (Tower) in front of the statue,different temples painted in golden colors, Coffee house protruding towards the sea ,The.sculptures designed at the basement of the shiva statue narrating the story of Murdeswara (with audio) etc will attract any visitor.we also went to the sixteenth floor of the gopura in a lift. The sight from the top was so amazing with clouds floating so much beneath your legs.We started our return journey to Trivandrum at  almost 2 PM  and took a halt at Kozhikode .and in the next day morning started our drive to Trivandrum .Altogether we have covered almost 1900 kms in our three days journey.This journey stands as a  heavy driving experience in my travels.

                                          Photos posted below
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Kollur also called Kollapura one of the important places of pilgrimage in Karnataka State, which has a temple dedicated to Mookambika.

The goddess is called Mookambika as she is said to have slain the demon Mookasura. The goddess is described as in the form of a jyotirlinga incorporating both Shiva and Shakti. The panchaloha image of the goddess on Shri Chakra is stated to have been consecrated by Sri Aadi Sankaracharya.

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