Sunday, April 27, 2014



Thanjavur journey was planned by us, for visiting one of our cousins who has been permanently  residing there with family. The trip fixed on 11-04-2014. We started in my car early by 6 in the morning and reached there by 3 in the evening. We took deviation from madurai and reached Tanjaur via Pudukkottai. Even though the road was ok, and it is the known shortest route with less than 480 Kms. But it consumed more time for our journey. During our return trip we took the route via Trichy with less driving effort due to  excellent road condition. But the distance is more than 500 kms

We stayed there for two days ,visited our cousin .During the next days we covered almost all places, to visit with the help of a driver  arranged from there,who had a good idea about the famous places in  Thanjaur. 

The Brahadeewarar temple, called the Big Temple, is dedicated to Lord Siva. It was built by the great Chola King Raja Raja 1 (985 -1012 A.D). it is an outstanding example of Chola architecture.  This temple appeared to us a wonder due its construction and architectural excellence.

More details about some of the places we covered and photos are posted below .

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