Sunday, January 24, 2016



                                                                            Day I 

                             We started our journey early in the morning from trivandrum in two vehicles comprising six members of two families .Myself and  Mr Amrith lal's team.We took the way through puthuppally nice roads to drive through.
reached Munnar by 3 pm and took accommodation in Government guest house Munnar. After getting freshen up our team moved to Chinnakanal, narrow roads but nice to drive, stopped near some water falls and heavenly beautiful places took photographs and returned to room when  fog and  cold crept into our bones.  

                                                                          Day 2

Day two was a little busy we started  early in the morning went to hill top on the way we also entered Mattuppetti Indo swiss project Cattle farm .Obtained letter from Live stock headquarters Trivandrum and the authorities permitted us and our vehicle to enter into the farm.Saw two three sheds where cattle and calves are kept. Cattle are kept in neat and tidy area and are milked with the help of automatic milking machines.
Cattle are allowed to graze outside the farm,lots of grazing lands provided by nature in this place where the cattle are opened  for grazing in the green meadows nearby, during  day time.

After covering the  the premises of the farm team moved to hill top of munnar .Very splendid location of picturesque hill top region, nothing to say about the beauty of the nature there and please see the pictures which I had posted below. After  down from the top next sight we opted was  Marayuur. Not so much cold here but famous for the muniyara / Dolmens and also famouse for its SARKKARA (jaggery).Saw the making of the famous Marayoor sarkkara and visited the Dolmens which was very close to the hotel we stayed.
Making of marayoor sarkkara /jaggery is photographed and the dolmens also.

                                                                    Day 3

                         Day three morning we moved to Kanthallur which  is much higher place and  the climate was so cold.Our stay was arranged in a resort there.Fantastic place, resort is situated at a topper area whereas the surroundings are fully covered with green mountains. Kanthallur is famous for its fruit and vegetable production.we moved to some of the fruit and vegetable garden bought verities of fruits.
  Soon we commenced our journey to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, road through the heavy forest.Every thing on the way seems astonishing for us , driving through the forest in a very cold climate is sensational.
After approaching Chinnar,started a small trecking saw some peacocks ,deer, giant squirrel etc.Watch tower inside the forest also provide a commendable experience for the tourists.Reaching back room celebrated a small Christmas eve.        
                                                                         Day 4 
Was the final day our tour,only one places to see on that day was the Rose garden under the Kerala state Forest Development Corporation.A must see place in Munnar. Our final destination was Blossom park, nice to see.After lunch we took our descending journey from munnar hills.

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